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  TEMP OF THE QUARTER  October – December 2016     

 I was delighted this week to present not one but two outstanding members of our temporary team with a voucher and certificate for winning Temp of the Quarter for the last period of 2016.   The nominations we received for these two candidates were amongst the most heart-warming and truly outstanding nominations we have ever received. 



Marta Dul’s nomination paid tribute to her ‘dedication’, the ‘high standards she sets herself’ and meets.  Her ‘friendly’ ‘extremely helpful’ personality and her willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ is appreciated by colleagues and academics alike.  Her dedication and persistence directly lead to 100 post graduate students being paid on time. A ‘huge undertaking’ which requires a lot of chasing and building ‘very good working relationships’ across the university.  Thanks to Marta and her enormous patience, persistence and attention to detail she reached this target. With this she has set a new service standard for the department.

Last but not least, it’s not only her professionalism that is worth mentioning. Marta makes the office a warmer and friendlier place for everyone and we thank her for all the efforts she put into the Christmas decorations this year!

AYSHA CHAUDHARY’S nomination included the terms ‘hit the ground running’ and ‘immediately effective’.  She also ‘leapt’ and ‘impressed’ and ‘guided’.  All with ‘enthusiasm and ‘good humour’.  Furthermore the nomination advised that for the second time running, Aysha has topped the performance charts in the Faculties enquiries system ‘Freshdesk’.  Aysha is again the Faculty’s ‘Customer Wow Champion’ with 100% satisfaction reports, and has nearly twice the number of ratings as the next highest performer! This is truly outstanding customer service, something Aysha delivers in all her communications.

Aysha has consistently gone above and beyond what would be expected from a temporary member of staff and her presence has had a beneficial impact on both the Teaching and Learning Team as well as the Department.

Thank you Aysha and Marta for being such great representatives for Gray & Associates. 

Finally thanks to everyone who made a nomination.  The nominees have been notified.  Your feedback and recommendations are so important and appreciated by the nominees and everyone here at Gray & Associates.


Think who you would nominate for Temp of the Quarter for January to March 2017!

Watch out for the email inviting your nomination

Christina Gray Managing Director

Gray & Associates Recruitment Services

020 8349 8570


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