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Congratulations to our Temp of the Quarter ….. Colin Malley

Temp of the Quarter – September 2018 – December 2018




Nominated by Victoria and Kim:

“Colin always goes over and above and is a wonderful addition to the team. He has to deal with some pretty difficult characters sometimes and he does this professionally and takes it in his stride. It has been a pleasure working with Colin over the last few months and feel he should be nominated for the award.

He has truly been a fantastic addition to the team. He really has been committed and loyal to myself and the department through a great deal of change – and has awaited patiently our announcement of approval for a new HR post that we do hope he will apply for. Colin is the sunshine on a rainy day.  He is an incredibly popular member of the team – with both academic and professional services staff. I do hope he can be recognised!”


Leanne and Jean arranged to pop along and present Colin with his award.  It was a complete surprise to Colin when they presented him with a goody bag, flowers, a personalised certificate and a £50 Voucher.  Well done Colin.


Finally well done to everyone who was nominated this last quarter and throughout the year. As you know at the end of the year everyone who was nominated but did not win is entered into a draw to win a £50 voucher.  The winner will be drawn this afternoon and announced via linkedin.

Thank you all for your hard work.  The next quarter starts now – GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!



Christina Gray

Managing Director  Gray & Associates Recruitment Services

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