Go for it SIGN UP TODAY! You won’t regret it!

We are feeling the love in the office today, with another amazing recommendation, this time from one of our lovely teachers, who is moving on to a permanent post.

Asta writes: “I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Gray Recruitment Agency, for all the support they have provided me since registering with them. With Gray you feel like you part of a family which is always reassuring. Every single person I have been in contact with has felt like a friend I knew. You are kept up to date about everthing and the support you receive is undeniable. Going to miss you all especially Sally who has been like an aunty to me. I am certainly going to miss being part of that family and my hope is for Gray to continue to flourish and succeed. Go for it SIGN UP TODAY! You won’t regret it!”

Asta R

She doesn’t simply do her job, she cares and that is what elevates her above the rest

Starting Monday off in a lovely way, Leanne has today received glowing feedback from one of our amazing candidates, Ana:

“Leanne has not simply been a faceless name at a recruitment agency, working to fill posts. Leanne has exhibited genuine care for me during the time that I have worked for Gray & Associates. I have valued our relationship and truly thank her for all the support that she has given me, she doesn’t simply do her job, she cares and that is what elevates her above the rest. Leanne cares about you as the individual along with the role in the company that she is matching you with and that is why she is so deservedly successful. Her confidence in me to be able to take on roles that pushed and stretched me has given me confidence in myself to take on roles that she knew I would succeed in, but, due to my lack of confidence, I was not as convinced. Leanne is there in the background responding when you need her and nothing is too much trouble, I can personally attest to that. Taking on a mature client like myself and helping me to regain my confidence and as a result to be successful at securing a permanent position is simply a testament to her complete faith in me the individual and not simply me the employee. It has been a true pleasure working for Gary & Associates, everyone without exception has been supportive and I have never met with a harried or hurried conversation. A professional and absolutely fun company to work for”.

Ana Jacas

I wholeheartedly recommend both Leanne and Grays – they are a cut above the rest

Leanne is an exceptional Account Manager. Within a couple of weeks of contacting Gray & Associates, she placed me in a great role that was exactly what I needed to develop my skills and experience. She has been professional, helpful and kind throughout the whole experience. I wholeheartedly recommend both Leanne and Grays – they are a cut above the rest and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future. Thank you, Leanne!

Genavive Sarkis

Leanne always goes the extra mile and we are always confident that a great temp will be provided

Grays are a fantastic temp agency and Leanne is a great asset for the company. Always professional and super quick to respond Leanne has been able to fill a number of vacancies for us. Leanne has really come through for us on a number of occasions and provided great temps, on some occasions this has been on very short notice! Leanne always goes the extra mile and we are always confident that a great temp will be provided by Grays. In short I can’t recommend Grays & Leanne enough

Ajay Patel, Staffing and Finance Administrator

It was refreshing to find a recruiter who actually listened

I recently relocated London in search of my next professional opportunity. I approached Grays & Associates after being recommended by a friend, looking for advice on the job search in London in the hope that I would find a role quickly that was challenging and had the possibility of leading to something longer term. 

From our very first meeting Leanne was professional, friendly and efficient. She always responded to my enquiries promptly and was extremely helpful on offering advice relating to my job search, appointment and end of contract. It was refreshing to find a recruiter who actually listened to the kind of roles I was looking for, providing realistic advice throughout the entire recruitment process.

Thanks to Leanne I have found a permanent job that I love. I would highly recommend Grays & Associates to anyone who is in search of a new role or career.

Beth McKinnon

Exceptional service, cannot recommend Leanne & her colleagues enough!

Having worked a variety of placements through several London agencies, I can wholeheartedly say that Gray and Associates are the best. Leanne found me a fantastic role not long after I registered and has been an absolute pleasure to work with throughout my 6 months there – friendly, professional and always quick to reply. The position itself was well matched to my experience & career aims and has led to many interesting opportunities for development. I have no doubt that if I’m ever looking for a temporary position again, Leanne & her colleagues will be the first people I call – thank you again!

Ilya Tyurin

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Grays

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Grays – Leanne is very professional, reliable and extremely helpful. Dedicated and knowledgeable and an all-around great person. My experience with Grays has been exceptionally great with the outstanding assistance from Leanne. Thank you so much for all the support.

Harinder Dhillon

Impressed with the speed at which they responded and personable interactions

I first contacted the Gray Agency in 2016, and was impressed with the speed at which they responded and personable interactions. Since then, I have worked with them on several occasions at various Universities and passed their details onto many of my work colleagues and friends. Cristina, Leanne and Jean have been supportive, professional, efficient, and most importantly, kind. The recruitment team ensure you are comfortable with potential roles before sending your details on, and are always on hand should you have any questions or concerns so you genuinely feel appreciated. I would recommend the Gray Agency to anyone starting out their career in education, or to those simply looking to enhance their career!

Sasha Lindsay

Extremely professional and reliable from start to current day

Gray & Associates were extremely professional and reliable from start to current day!  Leanne is the consultant that I registered with and she has been A Class with customer service, the 1-2-1 care and attention that she has given me and just overall interaction and updates on roles.  Leanne does exactly what she says and genuinely cares for the clients that she works with.  I am really impressed with Leanne overall :)

Aeesha Adams

Continuously sent me highly motivated candidates with solid skill sets

I rarely have much advance notice when we need extra help. Jean is always very helpful and responsive to the specific needs of our requests. She has continuously sent me highly motivated candidates with solid skill sets. Jean has the ability to understand what a client is looking for and ensure this is materialised in her candidates. I look forward to working with her again.

Tess Winthers

They always have time for an encouraging word or two


I have no regrets signing up with Gray & Associates. From day one I have been treated as a valued candidate and with an added personal touch. Whenever I make contact, the staff remember my requirements in terms of job preferences. As busy as Leanne & Jean are they always have time for an encouraging word or two. I am truly satisfied with their dedicated service.

Veronica Hall


Genuinely want you to do well and promote you as a person rather than number to boost their figures

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Leanne at Gray and Associates and have repeatedly secured several temporary posts since 2016.

Leanne, as well as all who work at Grays, is easy to get along with and very transparent in providing all the necessary information required for deciding if a particular role or department is the right one for me. The fact that Leanne takes time out to check in with you on whether you’re happy in the role is very important.

The timesheet facility is straightforward and clear. The accounts team are very responsive to queries and it’s really helpful to receive the regular updates from Christina on how well the other temps are doing. The incentive of Temp of the quarter/year is encouragement for temps to excel in all temporary positions. Of course, it’s also great that Grays promotes networking by holding regular events.

I have recommended colleagues to Grays who have also received the same service. It’s refreshing to work with a recruitment agency who genuinely want you to do well and promote you as a person rather than number to boost their figures. I highly recommend Gray & Associates.

Jessica Green

Grays is by far the best agency I have worked with bar none

Leanne was an absolute pleasure to work with. I started receiving information about roles immediately after registering. Grays makes sure you are prepared before an interview and contacts you afterwards to ask how it went meaning I felt supported throughout the whole process. Grays is by far the best agency I have worked with bar none. I managed to secure a role within just a few weeks and that’s definitely down to the work put in by Leanne and the team.

Jagdeep Dosanjh

I would 110% recommend speaking to Leanne and her colleagues

Leanne and Gray Recruitment Services are by far the most competent & helpful recruiters I have come across to date. They quickly got me in a role, but also ensured that is was the correct one for my skills. Previously recruiters just want to get you in a door with no long term plan, but not the case with Leanne and the Team.
I would 110% recommend speaking to Leanne and her colleagues.

Gem Sedef

My experience is beyond all expectations!

I have been working with Leanne for quite a while now and my experience is beyond all expectations!!! Not only did she find for me suitable roles which helped me to further enhance my skills and experience but she was also insightful as for my needs and requirements and provided a very personalised service. Always supportive, responsive and on alert, I am delighted to work with her and generally with Gray & Associates because they make you feel as part of their team. I definitely recommend them because they have proven their high quality services at all levels.

Dr. Vicky Kapogianni

Genuinely cares about helping people find a job

Leanne Sangster is a star recruiter who helped me secure my current job. The job application process is not always easy, but it was refreshing to have the support and encouragement of Leanne during this time. She is a good listener, and genuinely cares about helping people find a job. She was very persistent in forwarding me potentially suitable jobs and understood that a friendly office environment is something that matters to me. I’m very grateful for the help I’ve received from Leanne and others at Gray Agency.  I would highly recommend Leanne to anyone looking for a professional and personable service.

Malika Barakat

I can honestly say that I have never before dealt with an Agent as efficient and professional

I have known Leanne Sangster for a couple of weeks now after her being recommended to me by a colleague.  In this time I have known Leanne, I can honestly say that I have never before dealt with an Agent as efficient and professional as her.  Each time she has returned my calls, replied to my emails and given me advice that has been invaluable.  I have worked for many agencies within my capacity as an HR Admin temp and there are very few that I would recommend.  This is not the case with Leanne and Gray Associates.  I hope I will be able to secure a role through Leanne and Gray Associates in the coming weeks.

Elaine Lansbury

Leanne is an extremely proactive and professional recruiter

Leanne is an extremely proactive and professional recruiter. She understood my skill set and matched me to a great interim role in communications. It was such a great fit that I actually had my contract extended. I would definitely recommend Grays and in particular Leanne to anyone looking for a great recruiter.

Natasha Downes

Another outstanding testimonial – Well done Peter thank you for being in our team.

Peter 2text 3


Read about Azusa one of the amazing temps working with Gray & Associates Recruitment Services



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Extremely efficient, responsive, friendly and professional

Leanne has been my contact at Gray & Associates Recruitment Services. She has been extremely efficient, responsive, friendly and professional and I am grateful for all the support that I have received from her.

Azusa Tanaka

Well what can I say, Jean is fantastic

“Well what can I say, Jean is fantastic. Right from the word go, Jean was friendly to deal with, proactive with suggesting job opportunities and clear as to the information that I was required to provide. After relocating from Australia, Jean has made my job search stress free, speedy and a comfortable experience. I cannot thank Jean enough and recommend her recruitment services to one and all no matter what industry it one may be looking into.”


Sam H

By far, the best recruitment company

Well what can I say…. By far, the best recruitment company I have worked for! Christina and her team looked after me from day one in my job search, after taking the time to listen to what sort of role I was looking for, they immediately lined me up two job interviews on the same day, both of which I received an offer for gaining myself long term temporary employment and offers of permanent work! During my time working within a university for Gray and Associates, they also managed to negotiate a pay rise for me when I asked. This would be the first and only recruitment agency on my list if I ever wanted to look for work again, cant recommend enough! A big thank you to Christina and the team.

Anthony H

Recently placed me in a post which is a dream role

I wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with Leanne. I have been in touch with Leanne since I registered with Gray & Associates.

Leanne has never failed to impress me. Whenever there have been positions which suited my profile, Leanne has always contacted me and spoken about them. She has recently placed me in a post which is a dream role so far. Not only is the role suitable to my experience but also gives me a lot of space for learning new skills and gaining more experience. I have worked with many recruitment agencies and I must say Gray & Associates is the best one so far and so is Leanne.

I am very much looking forward to represent Gray & Associates in this role.


Sakina Naibkhail

From my first interview, I knew I was in safe hands!

I can’t thank Gray Agency and in particular Leanne enough for all help and support they have given me during my very first temping experience.  I worked for the University of Greenwich for 20 years until last year, felt really comfortable as I guess I knew just about everyone!  I left the University of Greenwich to work part time and spend more time with my baby granddaughter.   I nervously returned to working temporarily with an air of trepidation.  I don’t know what I was worried about – from my first interview, I knew I was in safe hands!  I had two temp assignments, one working with a fantastic team as Enterprise Administrator, I was very sad to leave as they made me feel part of the team from the first day and very welcome.  However, my first appointment was working on Reception – what a wonderful introduction to the world of temping – working alongside the permanent front of house team was really enjoyable and I am happy to say that I have now secured a permanent job there, albeit in another department.  Gray Agency made the whole process so easy, always someone contactable by email, clear instructions about the assignment, easy to complete timesheets on line, regular news updates and positive feedback.  I can highly recommend them and have already told many of my HE colleagues about them.

Karen Holland

Provide excellent support in finding you employment that matches your career goals

Leanne and the rest of the Gray & Associates team provide excellent support in finding you employment that matches your career goals, providing opportunities with many key clients. As a small agency, you get a more personalised and friendly response, as well as a very informed and helpful one. Through working with Gray & Associates, I was able to find an opportunity that has led to a permanent post where I wanted to be.

Gavin Moorhead

Appreciated the speed at which she worked her magic

Leanne is efficient and effective.
She was responsive and contactable at all times.
I really appreciated the speed at which she worked her magic as well as the care and detail she demonstrated.
Thank you Leanne!

Natasha Makengo

Ode to Grays


Gray and Associates is the best agency I have joined

After working at the same higher education organisation for seven years, when I left I felt apprehensive about joining a new organisation on a permanent basis immediately so I decided to start temping to get an idea of working in different higher education organisations. I myself was recommended to Gray and Associates by a friend. I initially phoned up and spoke to Jean and found her to be super helpful and thorough in explaining all the procedures on registering. After finalising the required paperwork, I was working within a week! Jean is a pleasure to work with and very efficient. I find Gray and Associates is the best agency I have joined by a long shot and would definitely highly recommend Jean and the team.


MH, London

Definitely recommend Gray & Associates

As you know I finished up at the School last Friday.

I had a very nice send off with drinks and some nice leaving gifts.


The assignment went on longer than expected and I did enjoy the placement thoroughly, the teams were very friendly and great to work with.

Just wanted to say thanks again Leanne for you help with securing role, getting me set up etc. and also yourself Jean through out the time on my placement once you took over managing the account.


Sometimes candidates don’t always have the best experiences with recruitment agencies, but that was not the case for me whilst I worked with you both at Gray agency.



A final thank you to you as the newsletters are informative and a good way to keep upto date with what’s happening.


I would definitely recommend the agency to others seeking new positions.


Keep up the great work ladies and have a nice day!

Suzie Richards

Constantly keeping me updated with job offers and accommodate all my requirements

I would just like to say thank you to Leanne Sangster for her support since I first joined the agency up to being able to secure my first temp position.

Leanne was extremely friendly and helpful by accommodating a last minute interview when I joined the agency. She has constantly been keeping me updated with job offers and was able to accommodate all my requirements.

I managed to get a temp position in less than a month and I could not be more happy. The application process was very well explained and also the paperwork and payment method were made very clear. It’s needless to say I am very impressed with my experience with Gray & Associates through her.

Nastasia Chirbea

Read what Eileen Chappel CEO SHARE Research Consortium, LSHTM

Says about her temp from Gray & Associates:


Grays is the most friendly and professional agency I have worked with

As someone who has been with many large temping agencies, I have found Grays to be the best. They were professional, personable and efficient from the outset. Listened to what I was looking for and ensured a good fit to my skills. Throughout my assignment Leanne my consultant kept in regular touch, they always paid me very promptly and were always contactable. Grays is the most friendly and professional agency I have worked with and I would recommend their excellent service to anyone looking for agency work. Thank you Grays for everything!

Claire Moseley

Leanne has a distinct professionalism and truly stands out from the crowd

From the first moment Leanne contacted me, she was extremely positive and motivating and explained that with my skills and experience she could easily place me with the type of employer I was looking for. True to her word within a week of first contacting me I had two job interviews with the university I was targeting and was working there within two weeks of first receiving her call. Leanne is extremely personable, always prompt in all correspondences and very, very, helpful. Furthermore, Leanne has a distinct professionalism and truly stands out from the crowd of myriad recruitment consultants now on the market. It’s a joy having Leanne as my recruitment consultant and am confident that she will continue to assist steering me in my career choices. Thank you Leanne!!

Sara Hamza

Immense hard work and empathy

Having registered with Grays Associates, I would say was the best move for me. Leanne is a terrific consultant, who has supported me from the start of registering to securing a temporary contract. Leanne is full of vibrancy and offers a in depth understanding of what each candidate is looking for and has gone beyond the call of duty. I was impressed to see the immense hard work and empathy she has provided. Just an amazing consultant who is able to grasp what you are looking for in a job as well as being very approachable

Reena Begum

I have had a most excellent experience with Grays

I have had a most excellent experience with Grays and my recruitment manager, Leanne from the very start and still continuing during my time at my great new job; Leanne found my CV on Reedand got in touch with me straight away to arrange a face to face interview to find out what i was interested in. From then on it was pretty fast paced and i had a job i really enjoyed in no time at all. Leanne was polite, friendly and very efficient, always keeping me up to date on applications and suggesting jobs that would suit me instead of just leaving me to do my own thing like so many other recruiters. It was really great to have such a considerate and attentive person working with me and supporting me every step of the way. I have never know a recruiter to be so caring, prompt and committed to a client; you can really see that the staff at Grays take a pride in what they do.

Grays service is very personal indeed and unlike most of the organisations that are around today. Its great to see someone out there still values excellent customer service and that real world personal touch that makes day to day life just that bit better, something which most places seem to lack now. I can honestly say that my experience with Grays is worlds apart compared to any recruitment agency i have been with before and i would recommend them very highly indeed.

Will Matthews

Superb Service

I’ve never had the need to take time out from work for small things simply because Gray’s provides an effortless service.

This is the first agency that I prefer to stick with simply because of the professionalism and empathy involved.

Throughout my job search I’ve felt belittled by numerous agencies which I did not go back to.

However I have continuously dealt with Leanne Sangster for almost a year now and have been supported in numerous aspects from securing a temp job to searching for another.

Leanne has been very supportive and patient and has also been very responsive to all queries, a lady of her words who keeps to her promise.



Muhammad Ahmed

I would highly recommend them

I’ve really enjoyed working with Gray’s Associates.  They offer a really personalised service and Christina took the trouble to match my skills to the right job.  Leanne is incredibly helpful, responds really quickly to any query and sorts everything out.  I would highly recommend them.

Harriet Cornwall

Interesting roles consistent with the level of my experience

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­I have been working for Gray and Associates for 5 years and have been consistently employed in my chosen field during this time. Leanne is my point of contact and has found me interesting roles consistent with the level of my experience. Leanne takes a personal interest in her temps, is professional and friendly. Leanne’s promotion is well earned!

Louise McSeveny

I would not have had the career opportunities, or built my linkedin network, without this form of support

Leanne Sangster is my direct contact with Gray & Associates. Recently I switched roles within the College and Leanne was directly responsible for my move and my confirmation as Senior Teaching Administrator. Gray & Associates facilitated this new direction in my career as they have helped to do so on multiple occasions since 2007. All my interactions with Leanne have been tremendously important and I would not have had the career opportunities, or built my linkedin network, without this form of support.

George Burridge

Institute Administrator at University College London