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Welcome to our June Newsletter 2017

I am sure I am not the only person shocked to find myself in June already. This is a big month for me personally as my birthday, wedding anniversary and husbands birthday all take place this month.  I expect to be very tired with all the celebrating!

Speaking of celebrating. Congratulations to:

  • Faith Udeze
  • Kwesi Kufuor
  • Amy Fernandes
  • Asher Boston
  • Moudud Ahmed
  • Najma Hussein

Members of our fantastic temp team who have moved into permanent roles. Well done all and thank you for being such stars.

Give us a name

As you know here at Grays we are trying to give something back to society. We asked you all to suggest names for our charity arm.  Thank you to everyone for the great suggestions.  I was really impressed with the names suggested.  It shows (although I already knew) what a talented bunch you are!  The name voted for and from this time forward to be used in all our charity work is……FundGraysers……  Thank you Clare Osborne.  Clare drop me a line or ring me as I would like to give you a bottle of champagne to thank you for your help.

This leads to the RACE FOR LIFE SUNDAY 23RD JULY?  It would be lovely if you would join our team to raise funds for Cancer Research.  You can walk, hop or run!  It would be great if we could get a team together.  I have set up a team page

Click on the link and it will take you through how to join. Essentially you have to register and then link yourself to our team.  For everyone who joins us I will start your fund raising off with a £15 donation.  Please email me directly to find out more about the day.

Of course any sponsors would be most welcome. No amount is too small ……it all helps. Please go to to donate.


Please do join our company page. As mentioned last month I am trying to get more social media savvy and make our company linked in page of interest.  I am not there yet but every person who joins our page will encourage me to do more!  Please connect with us on


We have received some amazing comments and recommendations. Thank you so much.  Nothing fills me with pride more that to see you take the time to write these recommendations.  Please do keep them coming as it spurs us on to be better in the service we offer.


‘Your Voice’ section to the newsletter. This was suggested by Terri Dawkins as a place where temps can write in and share good practice, new ideas, special offers basically anything. A forum where temps feedback those champion employers who really look after their temporary workers. You can send anonymous commentary or shout loud about a project you are in involved in. Please feel free to use ‘Your Voice’ and share interesting and helpful information about anything! Email me on


All best wishes


Managing Director

Gray & Associates Recruitment Services

020 8349 8570




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