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MORE INTERVIEW TIPS – Nailing the job


When attending an interview candidates are given lots of advice on what to say, what they should wear, how their hair should look, eye contact and shiny shoes!  All good interview preparation BUT what about your nails.  Nails play an important role in how you look.


What do your nails say about you?

Nail 1         Nail 2

You may have a love of gardening or home renovation but don’t take the remnants of this activity to the interview with you.  You may grow your nails on one hand to improve your guitar technique or love the glamourous red carpet look but neither is appropriate for an interview.

Nail 3

You wouldn’t wear gardening clothes or a party outfit to an interview so make sure you give the same consideration to your nails.  Remember the interview starts with a handshake so your nails are part of that all important first impression.  Your nails should be clean, kept at a reasonable length and if painted make sure you have neutral colours.  Don’t let you nails make the wrong statement about you!

By Christina Gray

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