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Project Manager Available immediately

Having completed a 9 month contract with a leading international retail operation this candidate is ready to undertake a new project.   His last role involved:

Managing the implementation of EPOS and MHS upgrade solutions rolling out across the UK and Europe.

Working to change and create processes, writing new policies and procedures to enable the client to gain ROC level 2 merchant.

Managed the PCI DSS compliance project.

Responsible for remote management of 15 developers.

Travelled to various sites within Europe, as required, to perform gap analysis and observations.

In addition our candidate has over 15 years experience in project and IT roles.

Our client has been delighted with the quality of our candidates work and his dedication.  As the project has finished we are now looking for another suitable role for this candidate.  If  you are looking for a Project Manager and would like to know more about his experience and day rate than please contact:

Christina on 020 7 073 2800 or




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