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July Newsletter


Welcome to our July Newsletter 2017

Gosh what a month June was. Soooo hot.  Wednesday 21st June was the hottest June day since 1976.  For those of us who were around in 1976 it was the hottest and driest Summer for Centuries.   Of course our office air conditioning broke down as soon as the temperatures began to rise.  It was like working in a sauna for two weeks.  Had to get the staff lots of Baskin Robbins to try and keep them awake!

This month I was honoured to be invited to a celebration at Brent Sikh Centre. I really enjoyed the experience and was made welcome by the members of the Sikh community.  The service was mainly in Punjabi but they did have English translation available for the hymns.  The music was very relaxing.  After the service I enjoyed some lovely vegetarian food in the Langar.  Langar is a Punjabi term meaning canteen.  The food is cooked by the community and freely available to all visitors and very tasty.


If you follow us on LinkedIn you would have seen our new promotion. Recommend a friend and when we find them work, you can celebrate with them with the Bottle of Champagne or a box of chocolates we will give you as a thank you for the introduction



Sophie Begum, a box of chocolates is on its way to you for recommending Adil Choudhury who we have now placed in a permanent position. Thank you so much.

Speaking of celebrating. Congratulations to:

  • Faith Udeze
  • Kwesi Kufuor
  • Adil Choudhury
  • Amy Fernandes
  • Asher Boston
  • Melanie Ingle
  • Moudud Ahmed
  • Neil Tailor
  • Nur Azimah Said
  • Gavin Moorhead
  • Ariesa Baker

Members of our fantastic temp team who have moved into permanent roles. Well done all and thank you for being such stars.  A small gift to show our appreciation is on the way.

A unique ode from our very own Poet


I’m known for my poetry

A shortened note – an oratory

So let me tell you this

Working at ChemEng is bliss.


So I bring you a note

As to you I have often spoke

About contracts and different jobs

So thank you all so much.


Am so sorry to leave you all

And you’ll have no need to call

But be happy that you helped me

Secure a role at London’s best University.

Melanie Ingle



Winner was Sofia Shamim

Well done to Christian Sana, Angela Fattibene, Joe Collins, Milly H, Gemma Crawley, Anthony Grout, Anthony Hamilton who all received nominations for their work.

Clients are invited to nominate temporary members of staff who have they feel deserves extra recognition for the work they do. WELL DONE all of you.

All nominees are entered into our prize draw in December 2017.


Claire Osborne was the winner of our Give Us a Name competition. Claire’s suggestion was FUNDGRAYSERS which was voted as the best name for any fundraising activities of Gray & Associates.

I had the pleasure to deliver Claire a bottle of Champagne as thank you.


Please do join our company page. I will be updating it with news, activities and roles so please click on this link to join























Please do join our company page. I will be updating it with news, activities and roles so please click on this link to join

All best wishes


Managing Director

Gray & Associates Recruitment Services

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